Astrology and Gemstone therapy

You have now completed your horoscope and are now looking at the information that the astrologer has given you. The chart has strengths as well as weaknesses. You’re now wondering what to do. What can we do to change it? What can you do to balance your weaknesses and increase your strengths? There is. Vedic Astrologers know that natural, untreated moldavite gemstones can be worn to achieve noticeable results in a short time.

Gem therapy, also known as planetary gemology or gem therapy, is a form of gem therapy that dates back to ancient Indians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Jews. Women and men would wear gemstones to benefit from the potencies they gave them and not only for their monetary worth. King and queens would wear gems in their crowns or elsewhere on their bodies to increase their power and influence within their kingdoms. Although the gemstones used by royalty were large and of the best quality possible to have such powerful effects, they can still be used today for many other beneficial effects.

The Indian scriptures, called “Vedas”, provide the most comprehensive descriptions and scientific as well as practical knowledge about gemstones. These Sanskrit texts provide specific details about different gems’ properties, as well as the prescription method for their correct medical and astrological uses. In ancient Vedic culture and other advanced cultures gems were used to control subtle forces in nature. Modern technology has also made it possible to recognize certain characteristics of gems. These include quartz crystals that can be used as timepieces, and diamonds which are used in lasers and supercomputers. Vedic gemtherapy has been used to improve the lives of more than a billion people around the globe. This is a “new age” concept that only the west has. There is not much textual information from the ancient cultures in the west about this science. This science is a well-established practice in many eastern countries for thousands of year, back to the earliest records.

The ancient Vedic system for Vedic astrology (or gem therapy) is based upon planetary gemology. This system, which can be used in conjunction to a person’s Vedic Horoscope for gem prescribing, uses fixed positions of constellations and stars. This system is extremely accurate in determining one’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the direction of one’s future. The positions of the planets in the moment of our birth reflect the karma we bring into this life through past actions and experiences. They represent the vast array of energies that exist in the universe. Each planet has its own form of cosmic energy. These energy transmissions are responsible both for the creation of life on Earth and our own bodies, and even our minds. The solar system’s order is maintained when the orbiting planets are able to receive and transmit specific wavelengths. These energies can be transmitted as light.

Vedic Astrology is also known as “jyotish”, which means “science of Light”. There are seven visible cosmic radiations that emanate from the seven major planets: Sun, Moon Mars Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Two invisible rays (ultraviolet & infrared), come from the Moon’s south and north nodes, Rahu and Ketu. The signs of astrology, along with the houses in the astrological chart, are indicators of the various fields that the planet energies react to and move within. This gives us information about how these energies will allow us to “read” the future. This birth quality can be understood the same as how a tree can read its nature from the seed it was born from. How our lives unfold will depend on how we interpret our karma. The planets will reveal our natural strengths in particular areas of life as well as weaknesses. These can hinder growth or indicate success in other areas.

In conjunction with Vedic Astrology, there is a complex set of remedies that can be used to enhance the energies vibrated by certain planets. It allows you to bring balance into your life and restore harmony. They work by using sound vibrations (e.g., in the chanting mantras) and increasing certain wavelengths light vibrations. This is the basis of gemstone therapy.

Different gemstones have different potencies, which are derived from the cosmic energy of different planets. They can therefore have different effects on their wearer. These gemstones can transmit electromagnetic energy from various planets to the wearer, depending on which stone they are. They absorb and reflect light frequencies. Certain effects can be produced by the interaction of the electromagnetic energy in the gemstone and the body’s own electromagnetic energy. The best gems to use must be chosen after careful analysis by an astrologer/planetary gemologist of your astrological horoscope.

The practice of placing random gemstone crystals on the body, a new age science, can be dangerous if it is not done correctly. Gem crystals have a very strong effect and can also disrupt the body’s electromagnetic fields. This can lead to physical and mental disabilities. It is important to be careful about how and which gemstones you use. Incorrectly used gemstones can cause disturbances both on a subtle and astral level. When used correctly, they can bring more power and strength to our lives, in many ways.

After an analysis of your Vedic chart by an experienced and qualified astrologer/planetary gemologist has been completed, they will recommend a gemstone (or several gemstones) that you can wear throughout your entire life. The selected stone/s can be placed in a pendant or ring so that they come into direct contact with your skin. This allows them to transmit electromagnetic energy or light frequencies to our cells. This is accomplished by the body’s ions, electrolytes and at a cellular level. The chakra system of the ethereal mind absorbs the cosmic colours of the gems at a subtle level. The best place to wear gems are on the fingers because of the presence of many physical as well as ethereal nerve centres. The use of gemstone therapy has had amazing effects on people’s lives. It gives them more energy, strength, and power to counter negative karmic influences, as well as positive ones.

Warning! Gems must be real and not synthetic in order to be effective. They also need to be free from heat or radiation that can alter their appearance. This is what happens to most gemstones used in commercial jewelry making. It is important to verify that your source has untreated gemstones. Gemstone enhancements have been accepted in the jewelry and gem trade for many years. It has been a difficult task to tell clients that, despite being beautiful and expensive, the gem is not capable of transmitting the planetary/cosmic energies. (The ancient science behind gemstone therapy gave rise to modern color therapy. It doesn’t take a fortune to find a gem that produces the desired effects. And the best part about the use of the potency and beauty of gemstones, it is a one time investment that does not require any further maintenance. The gem’s power will not diminish and it will work for you throughout your life.

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